Open Access NMDS-SC Dashboards

The Open Access Dashboards now contain Skills for Care's weighted workforce estimates.  This means that the data is representative of the whole adult social care sector.  For more information on the data, please see the Workforce Intelligence website.
The dashboards provide the ability to tailor what is shown to suit your workforce area of interest, by geography, service, sector and job roles. 

If you have an NMDS-SC account and would like to see your own workforce information please click here to log in.

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Employer and Staff Overview Hide
Estimated number of jobs
Estimated number of establishments
Full time and part time working
Employment type of workforce
Workforce sickness rates
Full time equivalent workforce information
Proportion of workers on a zero-hour contract
Recruitment & Retention Show
Workforce demographics Show
Pay Show
Qualifications and care certificate Show
Local demand and intelligence Show