Confirmed Changes to the Dataset

Changes with effect from 23/03/2018
Changes to sharing permissions
To ensure we are compliant with GDPR we have changed the way sharing permissions work on the website.  From 22nd March you will need to opt in to sharing your data with CQC, NHS Choices and Local Authorities.  When you first log in you will be provided with a reminder of your preferences and you must confirm to say you are still happy with these.  If you wish to change who you share your data with simply click the update button and you will be taken to the relevant screen to update.
The addition of Live-in Care
Live-in care has been added to the other services list however this can only be selected if you are CQC regulated and cannot be used as the main care service you provide. 
New Job Roles
Following recent consultations it has been agreed to add the following:
  • Care Navigator
  • Assessment Officer/Assessor
  • Care/Support Co-ordinator
  • Nursing associate 
  • Nursing assistant/care practitioner

New Qualifications

6 new qualifications have been added.  These are:

  • Any other social care relevant award
  • Any other non-social care relevant award
  • Any other social care relevant certificate
  • Any other non-social care relevant certificate
  • Any other social care relevant diploma
  • Any other non-social care relevant diploma

A new question on the worker record capturing dual nationality has also been added.

Open Access Dashboard Changes

There will be significant changes to the data held within the NMDS-SC Open Access Dashboards.

Currently the dashboards display NMDS-SC data but due to the voluntary nature of the NMDS-SC return, this data only gives partial coverage of the sector which means that certain types of employers could be under or over represented.  We currently indicate where this occurs.  But

  • The changes to the dashboards will show information that has been weighted to reflect the whole sector as accurately as possible.
  • Our new weighted data will be available at national and regional level.
  • The data in the dashboards will be updated quarterly. 
Changes with effect from 27/03/2017
Dashboard Changes
Various changes to dashboards to improve the look and feel and to produce new dashboards to provide further information on data collected within NMDS-SC.
Removal of SFC sharing permissions.  
It has been agreed that the sharing permissions with Skills for Care will be removed. Users may receive marketing emails from Skills for Care but can unsubscribe to these particular emails if required.
Worker page changes
Changes to the way qualifications are collected and recorded as well as a new improved Learning and Development section which will hold all the qualifications and training questions.
Changes with effect from 19th May 2016
Linking Establishment and Worker records
A new functionality will be available to accounts where their worker records match the information on their establishment accounts.  Some of the actions taken on the worker records will be automatically updated on the establishment records via a pop up message that will appear on screen.  This will ensure that changes to the worker record will instantly be reflected on the establishment record making updating easier for users.
If your establishment and worker record information do not match you will be able to download a report that will show you the areas to focus on correcting to enable the automatic linking function.
Dashboard Enhancements
A new dashboard will be produced in Open Access Dashboards to show the number of establishments and organisations in NMDS-SC
Further enhancements will be made with the look and feel of some of the dashboards to ensure consistency throughout "My Dashboards" and "Open Access Dashboards".
Contact Us Form
We are changing the default setting on the Contact Us Form from defaulting to Mr.  This is following user feedback. 
Changes with effect from 1st April 2016
Changes to working arrangements
Changes have been made to the working arrangement section of the worker record.  We have removed redundant data items and have replaced this with one question about Zero Hours Contract. It is now easier to complete this section as you have yes, no, not known options to select from.  There are validation rules around this question whereby you will receive error/warning messages if the combination of this question and contracted hours do not match.  A new column has been added to BUDI worker files ZEROHRCONT and the original column ARRANGEMENTS has been removed. 
Budi Changes
We have made a change to BUDI to allow users to update their UNIQUEWORKERID within their CSV file instead of having to manually make these changes.  The column will not be visible when you download current files but can be added on a as and when needed basis.  Please refer to the guidance document for further details
PIR Report
Changes have been made to this report following user feedback to make it easier to read and understand what information will be shared with CQC
A change has been made to the strength of passwords to meet the new security criteria. When a new password is created or a password has been updated the user must ensure their password meets the new criteria.  New password must be between 8 and 40 characters, contain at least 1 number, 1 upper case and 1 lower case alphabetic character.  This will only come into force should you change or create a new password. To help you see if you have met the required criteria a new tick /cross has been introduced when you enter your new password. 
More Local Authorities to share your data with
Following user feedback we have extended the list of LAs that you can select to share data with.  This will now appear as a drop down list on the permissions section of your establishment.  By default (if you do not opt out) you will share data with your own LA but can then select as many or as few other LAs that you wish to share a minimal amount of information.
Dashboard Enhancements
We continue to make improvements to dashboards particularly around the flexibility to ensure benchmarking options are the same throughout.  A new reset button has been added to help you easily and quickly reset all the filters you may have applied to dashboards.
Forgotten username
Following user feedback we have added a link to help you if you have forgotten your username.  This will work in the same way forgotten password works by sending you an email with a link in.  You will need to know the answer to your security question and this link will not work if your email address is used on more than one account.  In these instances you must call Support who will help you log in.  
Changes with effect from August 2015
Collecting data on nurses

We've added a new section which is in two parts to collect more information on "Registered Nurses 

The first part is the category which the Nurse is registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council

  • Adult Nurse 
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Learning Disabilities Nurse
  • Children's Nurse
  • "Enrolled" Nurse 
The second part is collecting information on their specialism in their current role by providing a tick box option where you can tick all that apply from the following list:
  • Older people (including dementia, elderly care and end of life care)
  • Adults Learning Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Community Care
  • Other
  • Not Applicable
  • Not Known
Changes for Local Authorities
The LA progress report has been updated to show any issue with qualifications for Social Workers and Occupational Therapists. If the data is missing or incorrectly set, it will now be highlighted in red.
Changes with effect from February 2015
Various Learning and Development changes 
Improvements to the training section of the My Training and Qualifications Report.
A pop up warning will appear when expiry dates have been exceeded on the training records. This will appear when a user first logs in. When a training record is due to expire (within two months) it will turn amber. The expiry dates of the training records will turn red when the date has expired.
A new tick box for the Care Certificate has also been added that will be completed for each worker to confirm if they have the Care Certificate.  BUDI has been updated to include the additional information around the Care Certificate.  
There are new dashboards for the PIR Qualifications Dashboard, PIR training dashboard and Care Certificate Dashboard. 
Registered Managers
Changes have been made to increase the validation around the use of the Registered Manager job role as this is only available to CQC regulated provisions.  This will improve data quality on Registered Managers and ensure we are only counting official numbers when reporting to CQC.
Mobile Working
Changes have been made to the way the menu bar can be viewed for mobile users to improve visability.  These changes will not affect desktop users.
New dashboards based on weighted estimates
These changes include:
  • The ability to list data by Sector, Service group or Job role, available to LA level.
  • A dashboards (based on the jobs template) showing worker numbers by sector, service and job role, available to LA level.
  • A dashboard (based on the jobs template) showing establishments by sector and service, available to LA level)
Deleting BUDI history
It will be possible to delete CSV files from BUDI history
New QCF qualifications
Two new qualifications will be added to the online system, to BUDI, to reports and dashboards.  These are
  • Award in supporting individuals on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Certificate in supporting individuals on the Autistic Spectrum
Enhancements to the colours within the dashboards
Enhancements to the way lists and tables are viewed in dashboards
CQC PIR report
A new report will be available for all CQC regulated services to show what  information will be shared with CQC providing you have given the correct sharing  permissions. 
Changes with effect from 8th August 2014

New job role

A new job role will been added to NMDS-SC:

Occupational Therapist Assistant will be available online and via BUDI.

Parent Reminder Email Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the parent email reminder following feedback from large organisations.  The email reminder that you receive when any of your subsidiaries have not updated within 3 months will be extended to show those that have not updated when the subsidiary owns their own data.  This will give the parent account an overview of all their subsidiaries last update date and help ensuring updates happen before accounts are deleted.

Auto format of dates 

Following feedback the system has been changed to recognise certain date formats and change to the correct one.  For example if you entered 12/01/14 the system will change this to show 12/01/2014.  If you entered 12012014 the system would change this to 12/01/2014.

NHS Care Choices Sharing information 

The establishment page in NMDS-SC has been updated to show the information about NHS Care Choices and the information we share on qualifications and turnover rates.

Cookies for remembering user benchmark settings dashboards 

Persistent cookies will now be used in the open access dashboards to remember the settings the user has chosen the next time they login.

A new warning will appear on the NMDS-SC site to make users aware of how the site uses cookies but the user will not be able to opt in or out of these.

The terms and conditions have been updated to reflect the change in the use of cookies.

Establishment/parent trend information dashboards 

Establishments will now be able to access an excel report to show trend information about an establishments own; worker numbers, turnover, vacancy rates, annual and hourly pay rates and sickness rates. The report will be accessible from the reports menu and via a link from the dashboards what is this telling me section.

Report summary dashboard page 

A summary view will be available to establishments and will be accessed from the dashboards menu page. The summary view will include an overview, staff turnover, hourly pay, sickness rates and qualifications information. The summary view will also provide links to useful resources and information.

LA progress report enhancements

As it is now a requirement that LAs include qualifications in the 2014 return, the LA progress report will be updated to show qualifications on their worker tab.  These will be included in the 90% worker record figure to enable LAs to see whether they have met the required criteria. 

Changes with effect from 28th February 2014

Moving a worker record between subsidiaries

A change has been introduced to allow parent accounts to move workers between subsidiaries without having to delete the worker from one subsidiary and then re-add them to another.

The user will be prompted to ask them to update the organisation matrix when they move a worker between subsidiaries and also warn them that moving a worker to another subsidiary will delete them from the existing subsidiary.  

Addition of a new qualification
Level 2 award in Promoting Employment in Social Care
Usability/Accessibility items

  • Add links to error messages so clicking on the message takes the user to the field where the error is 
  • Change to radio buttons so that screen reader includes the question and not just the answers
Wording change on registration page

The wording on the registration page has been changed as follows to avoid confusion where organisations are registering as individual employers by mistake:

Please select your employer type:

A business or organisation providing social care & support which has more than one paid employee and/or volunteer     

You are an individual who employs staff to care for you, or for a person for whom you are a carer      

Reports page
Navigational changes when visitors to the NMDS-SC click on Reports it will take them straight to the reports page instead of the landing page.  This will reduce the amount of pages that a user has to navigate to get to the public facing reports.

CQC Drop down list

The CQC drop down list has been extended to include 'NHS organisations'. The current validation that allows numbers to be entered manually has been removed, and it is now mandatory for an establishment with a CQC healthcare main service on NMDS-SC to use the drop down list (exactly the same as for other CQC establishments). 
Improved links to The Social Care Commitment website

It will be possible to link further NMDS-SC users to your Social Care Commitment account to enable them to send updated organisational information.  It will also allow you to update your personal details such as email address and pass these changes to your Social Care Commitment Account.

Changes with effect from 23rd August 2013

Validation changes to CQC registration information
Changes to how NMDS-SC reflect CQC registration details to reduce the risk of user inputting incorrect details. These changes will affect BUDI and will produce error messages if the wrong CQC location IDs are entered,

Changes to BUDI
Changes to the error and warning messages have been made. These changes will not affect the actual validation of BUDI but will make it easier for users to follow the messages and correct their data.  The line numbering of the messages have also been changed to reflect the actual line in the CSV file that is causing the messages.  A new status has been added CHGSUB to make it easier to move worker records between subsidiaries.  The status NEW will still continue to do the same.
The introduction of 3 new service user categories for Older people, Adults and Children
  • Receiving end of life care
  • Neurological conditions
  • Brain injury

Changes to the Countries list:

  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied has been renamed to Palestine, State of
  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has been renamed to Libya
  • St Helena has been renamed to St Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
  • Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba has been added
  • Curacao has been added
  • Saint Maarten (Dutch part) has been added
  • South Sudan has been added
  • Kosovo has been added
  • Netherlands Antilles has been removed.


A new user type (data user)
This is to allow targeted email information to be sent to the most appropriate user.
Qualifications changes
Three new qualifications will be added and the qualifications drop down list will be re arrange to group qualifications by category.
  • Award Awareness of the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Approved Mental Health Practitioner
  • Approved Social Worker

Changes with effect from 22 May 2013
Addition of two new job roles
The two new jobs roles that have been added to NMDS-SC are
Safeguarding and Reviewing Officer
Activities Worker or Co-ordinator
Updated e-guide
The NMDS-SC e-guide has been updated to include help for Individual Employers when completing NMDS-SC
Local Authority Report
A new report has been produced for Local Authorities to see who, in their local authority area, has completed NMDS-SC.  This is on an opt out permissions basis for the private, voluntary and independent sector. 
This is available to all Local Authorities after they have logged into their parent NMDS-SC account. 
Open Access Dashboards
New dashboards have been produced for the public wishing to look at aggregated anonymous data.
New look homepage
the homepage of NMDS-SC has been changed to make it easier to use and navigate around.  The homepage also hosts the open access dashboards.
Various usability changes
Following usability testing the following items were changed to help people when completing NMDS-SC
  • Making the red asterisk more prominent for mandatory fields
  • Repositioning the "within the last 12 months" message for starters and leavers
  • Making the total starters, leavers and vacancy boxes more prominent
  • Changing the wording of the salary field to rate of pay
Changes with effect from 5 December 2012 
Addition to the registration page
Upon registering with NMDS-SC you will now be asked for the main service that you provide, this is selectable from a drop down list. Your answer to this question will automatically populate your account once your registration has been approved.

Additional permissions boxes

Introduction of two new permission boxes and statements to grant data sharing with NHS Choices and local authorities within which a provider is situated. Please see FAQs for further information.

Worker page changes

The worker page has been changed to enable easier navigation and editing.

The changes are as follows:

  • updated section buttons on the main worker page, this will allow you to update date stamps if all the information is still correct and up to date without the need to go into the editing pages
  • reorganisation of the employment questions and the addition of the “working arrangements” question to this section
  • unanswered questions are now highlighted in red to make it easier to see what is missing
  • next and previous worker records buttons have been added to the bottom of the worker page; this makes navigation to the next worker record easier and eliminates the need to return back to the full worker list.

Not known options have been added to various questions these include:

  • qualifications held
  • qualifications working towards
  • sickness
  • contracted hours.

 Four new QCF qualifications added:

  • Award Awareness of End of Life Care - Level 2
  • Award Awareness of End of Life Care - Level 3
  • Certificate in Working in End of Life care - Level 3
  • Certificate in Leading and Managing Services to Support End of Life and Significant Life Events Level 5.

Reports changes

The national, regional and local authority area profiles selection has been changed to make it easier for you to select what information you need.

New dashboard

A new dashboard has been developed that shows whole time equivalent staff numbers and ratios by job role.

Contact us page

The contact us page has been enhanced to enable you to select the correct category that relates to your query. This will help us to deal with your queries more efficiently.

Recording apprentices within NMDS-SC

It is now possible to enter data on apprentices both employed and not employed by yourselves. This will provide important analysis on apprentices within the social care sector.

Changes with effect from 1 June 2012

Review of Menu Items

Please note the below changes will be worked on over the next couple of weeks to ensure that all documents, FAQ's are up to date and in the correct position.

Changes include:

·        Rename “About us” to “What is the NMDS-SC?” – this will now be split into three sections and will consist of “What is the NMDS-SC?”, Case studies and benefits

·        Removal of the“Changes to the Dataset” section, this has now been incorporated within the News Section

·        The news section will now contain news, proposed changes and confirmed changes to the dataset.

·        Resources has been renamed Help & Guidance and will be reordered over the next few weeks.

·        The Research section has been changed to Reports. If a user is logged in they will have access to the public facing reports and their own organisational reports. If not logged in they will only have access to public reports.

·        Help has been renamed to FAQs. This section will depend on whether a user is logged in or not. If not logged in they will see all FAQ’s relating to organisations employers. If logged in they will only see FAQ’s that are relevant to them.

Starters, Leavers and Vacancies

Changes to Starters, leavers and vacancies to add three new summary boxes, asking for the total number of starters, leavers and vacancies. These summary boxes are in addition to the existing breakdown by job role of starters, leavers and vacancies and are aimed at capturing total numbers to aid with analysis of this data.

BUDI now has three new totals columns (TOTALSTARTERS, TOTALLEAVERS, TOTALVACANCIES) to allow users to enter their new totals with the option of entering not known in to these columns. Not known has been represented by a code i.e. NK or -1 and validation and warning messages replicate manual entry.

Removal of the old Bulk Upload Tool

Last year the Bulk Upload facility was upgraded to BUDI, we have run both versions side by side to give employers the chance to change any systems they may have in place. The old version has been removed and from 1st June the old style CSV files will no longer be accepted.

"Return to top" of page buttons

Throughout the worker page buttons have been added to allow users to “return to top of page”, this is to help with navigation issues

Incorrect password final warning

At present if a user inputs the wrong password their account will be locked out after 7 incorrect attempts. The user will either have to wait 1 hour before their account is unlocked or contact Support to have it unlocked. To aid with this process we have added a final attempt warning to let user’s know that if they get their password wrong one more time their account will be locked.

Enhancement to Individual Employer Module

On creation of an individual employer account a section has been enhanced to add “person managing account” details. This is to ensure that we are contacting the correct person regarding NMDS-SC.

Training Data

The training and qualifications report has been enhanced to include a section on the optional Training record available for workers. This is to allow users to download this information in excel and use the data as required. New tables have been added to the “My establishment report” to include Training data.

Approval of accounts

A new step has been introduced into the “Approval” process on registering for an account on NMDS-SC. Once an account has been approved the user must log into that account within 6 weeks to ensure it is not removed from the system. The email that users receive will be updated to reflect this.

New Qualifications

5 new qualifications added to the online list, analysis files and reports

These will consist of:

Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities (Level 2)

Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities (Level 3)

Award in Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care, Children and Young People'sSettings (Level 2)

Award in Delivering Inclusive Seated Recreational Physical Activities with Adults in Care and CommunitySettings (Level 2)

Certificate in Delivering Chair-Based Exercise with Frailer Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities in Care and Community Settings (Level 2)

WDF Parent Report

Development of a report to provide parent organisations with an overview of each of their subsidiaries eligibility for funding criteria. This will ensure that parent accounts can monitor the funding criteria for their subsidiaries in one report.


Changes with effect from 28 November 2011
Sort/search function on parent page
Functionality has been added to allow a parent account to sort/search for their subsidiaries from the “all establishment” page.  
Choice of Primary User Account
Functionality has been added to allow users of accounts to select which user becomes the “primary” user. This will enable establishments to pick which user receives notifications from the NMDS-SC system. i.e. reminder and targeted emails. The selected primary user must be an active user that has edit rights. 

Changes have been made to the registration page to allow input of NHS location ID’s for CQC registered health providers. 
Removal of SSDS001 code (Local Authorities only)
All reference to the SSDS001 code has been removed from NMDS-SC. BUDI/BUT have been updated to remove the two columns associated with this code. 

New QCF qualifications

The following QCF qualifications have been added:

  • Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
  • Awareness of stroke care management
  • Award in basic awareness of Diabetes
  • Certificate in working with individuals with Diabetes
  • Award in food safety in health and social care and early years and childcare settings
  • Award in promoting food safety and nutrition in health and social care or early years and childcare settings
  • Award in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings
  • Certificate in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings
Warning messages
Warning messages have been added to every section if a user makes a change to that particular section and tries to navigate away without saving those changes. 

My WDF report and worker list
A new Workforce Development Fund report has been produced to assist users who claim funding to see if they are eligible or not. Enhancements have been made to the worker list to group together the criteria for funding to enable the user to see if there are gaps in their data.

Changes with effect from 27 June 2011

New BUDI system (bulk uploading data items)
A new improved BUDI system (bulk uploading data items) has been introduced to the NMDS-SC. This consists of various changes to field headings, a new status column, a unique worker id and changes to the way the qualifications columns work.

The status column on both the organisation and worker file lets you set the record to update, new, delete, nochange, unchecked dependant on what you want the system to do with that particular record. The unique worker id is set in the system for each of the worker records and will remain with that particular worker for the life of the record. This will stop BUDI from deleting and replacing records at every upload.

Qualifications achieved and year achieved can now be entered into one single column per qualification.

Field heading have been updated to make it easier to link them back to the correct question on NMDS-SC.

Users will still be able to use the old version of bulk upload (BUT) for approximately 6 months but if you use the “download current data” link on your bulk upload page it will be in the new version.
Changes to ethnicity codes
The ethnicity codes on NMDS-SC have been changed to fall in line with the 2011 Census. All ethnicity codes already held within NMDS-SC have been mapped across to the new codes.
Direct Employer Module
Help text has been added to the Direct Employer module job roles sections.
Nationality and Country of Birth
Under the question “was worker born in UK” a new option to select “not known” has been added. Under the question of “Workers Nationality” a new option to select “not known” has been added as well as an “unknown” added to the country list.
Adding a Worker
Changes have been made to make it easier to add a worker by removing the first page which consisted of five questions. When a worker is added now NMDS-SC will take you straight into the full worker record.
Changes to the save button
On certain sections within NMDS-SC organisation and worker records the way the save button works has been changed to allow save/update. This allows users to say that they have checked that particular section and it is up to date and correct.
Last update date
A last update date has been added to various sections to allow users to see when they updated specific parts of NMDS-SC rather than an overall date.
Removal of two data items
The option to enter monthly pay has been removed and the question on “continuity in the sector” has been removed.

Changes with effect from May 2011
The chair of the national NMDS-SC Data User Group, David Cubey, has announced changes to the NMDS-SC with effect from May 2011. 

Removal of data items from the worker questionnaire of the NMDS-SC
Skills for Care is committed to keeping data items in the NMDS-SC under review to ensure that underused or ineffective elements of the data set are removed. This is to ensure that the dataset does not grow as new questions are added.

For full details of the data items that will be removed please click on the news article below...

Changes with effect from January 2011
The chair of the national NMDS-SC Data User Group, David Cubey, has announced changes to the NMDS-SC with effect from January 2011

Adoption of Qualification and Credit Framework
The qualifications section of the NMDS-SC is being amended to reflect changes being brought about by the introduction of the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). The QCF will see the introduction of over twenty new social care related qualifications and many new units of learning which will replace those in the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Following an independent consultation with employers and evaluation all new social care full qualifications within the QCF (including all future qualifications) will be added to the existing set of qualifications held and worked towards covered by the NMDS-SC.

The reason for these changes is that NMDS-SC needs to be able to capture information on all relevant social care qualifications gained nationally and regionally. Collecting the new qualification data enables reporting on this key variable.

Changes with effect from 1st October 2010
The chair of the national NMDS-SC Data User Group, David Cubey, has announced changes to the NMDS-SC with effect from 1 October 2010.

Information sharing with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
The CQC will continuously monitor registered adult social care providers to make sure they are meeting essential standards and will use a range of information to inform this process. 

Results of a recent employer consultation strongly supported information being shared directly with CQC from NMDS-SC, to minimise the amount of information they need from you as part of the inspection process. When you log in to NMDS-SC you will need to check that you are happy with this. You can check the permissions you have allowed by viewing your establishment details and ‘editing’ if necessary.

The following data items will not be shared; workers’ pay, workers’ sickness absence, workers’ age/date of birth, workers’ ethnicity, workers’ nationality, country of birth, year of arrival in the UK, and workers’ additional hours worked in the last 7 days.

Further discussions are taking place with CQC this month with a view to a first series of data items being shared with CQC. For more information on the detailed consultation with employers and the final evaluation report please go to:

Please click on the news article below for details of further changes...