New system improvements

We are pleased to announce the latest system improvements are now live.

The following enhancements were made live this weekend :-
 Addition of a Learning and Development section on the worker page

The worker page has been redesigned to ensure all the relevant questions on learning and development can be found in one place, this includes:

  • induction status - moved from personal and employment section 
  • The Care Certificate - moved from personal and employment section
  • Whether the worker is currently undertaking training as part of an apprenticeship or not. - moved from employment status
  • The new qualification section - see below
  • The training records - the addition of a new category "Safeguarding Children"

The new qualification section includes 2 new questions

  1. Any social care qualification held?
  2. Any non-social care qualification held?

If you answer yes to either of these questions you will then automatically be asked to input the highest level held.

The list of qualifications used previously to select individual qualifications will still be available to use but is now optional.  Any data previously entered from the individual qualifications list will be mapped across to the new qualification questions, so you do not have to re-enter data.

This should make it much easier for you to enter your qualifications data.

Please remember to check out the latest version of the BUDI guidance documents to ensure you include the above changes in your upload files. 

Dashboard Enhancements

We have added new dashboards including

  • source of recruitment
  • proportion of workers on zero-hour contracts
  • reasons for leaving and destination after leaving

Plus others new dashboards as well as improvements to names and layouts of existing dashboards.

There is also a new "Top 10 Nationalities" report.