System improvements - NMDS-SC March 2018

We are pleased to announce the latest system improvements are now live.

Changes to sharing permissions
To ensure we are compliant with GDPR we have changed the way sharing permissions work on the website.  From 22nd March you will need to opt in to sharing your data with CQC, NHS Choices and Local Authorities.  When you first log in you will be provided with a reminder of your preferences and you must confirm to say you are still happy with these.  If you wish to change who you share your data with simply click the update button and you will be taken to the relevant screen to update.
The addition of Live-in Care
Live-in care has been added to the other services list however this can only be selected if you are CQC regulated and cannot be used as the main care service you provide. 
New Job Roles
Following recent consultations it has been agreed to add the following:
  • Care Navigator
  • Assessment Officer/Assessor
  • Care/Support Co-ordinator
  • Nursing associate 
  • Nursing assistant/care practitioner

New Qualifications

6 new qualifications have been added.  These are:

  • Any other social care relevant award
  • Any other non-social care relevant award
  • Any other social care relevant certificate
  • Any other non-social care relevant certificate
  • Any other social care relevant diploma
  • Any other non-social care relevant diploma

A new question on the worker record capturing dual nationality has also been added.

Open Access Dashboard Changes

There will be significant changes to the data held within the NMDS-SC Open Access Dashboards.

Currently the dashboards display NMDS-SC data but due to the voluntary nature of the NMDS-SC return, this data only gives partial coverage of the sector which means that certain types of employers could be under or over represented.  We currently indicate where this occurs.  But

  • The changes to the dashboards will show information that has been weighted to reflect the whole sector as accurately as possible.
  • Our new weighted data will be available at national and regional level.
  • The data in the dashboards will be updated quarterly.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact NMDS-SC Support on 0845 873 0129 or via email at