The latest regional workforce information has been published

The data you enter into the NMDS-SC has been used to create the latest collection of reports for the sector.

The 'Regional reports' are a collection of  nine reports which give you a detailed overview of the workforce for each region in England.
Each report comprises of eight sections as follows:
  1. Size and structure - number of organisations, number of people working in the sector
  2. Employment overview - full time, part time, permanent, zero hours contracts
  3. Recruitment and retention - turnover, leavers, average experience, vacancy rates
  4. Workforce demographics - age, gender, ethnicity, nationality
  5. Pay rates
  6. Qualifications training and skills
  7. Workforce forecasts - the future of the workforce and population
  8. Further resources - helpful links to other related resources
If reports aren't your thing, we also design and publish a one page infographic showing the key findings for each region. You can order a paper copy or download them using the link below.  The reports were written by the workforce intelligence analysis team, using data from the NMDS-SC and can be accessed here:
Local Authority level reports
To see more detailed workforce information by local authority area, you can access our local authority area reports.  We have also created an interactive tool which allows you to look at the data in an intuitive way.  These can all be found here
National reports
We've also updated the 'Size and structure' and the 'State of' reports for this year.  You can access both reports here: and
If you'd like to commission a version of any of these reports for your own organisation, please contact
Economic information
This year the reports are accompanied by an economic value report which has been produced by ICF using Skills for Care's workforce estimates as a basis, and calculates the economic value that the local adult social care sector contributes to the region.  You can access these reports on the same pages.