NMDS-SC transition to ASC-WDS update

As you are aware we are in the process of building a new service to replace the NMDS-SC

Working using agile methodology means we release bits of the new service when they are ready.
We have spent the last few months ensuring that services can successfully register on ASC-WDS and create their accounts.  Last week saw the introduction of creating/updating staff records for these people.
So far we have 110 services newly registered with around 25 of them already adding over 516 staff records.
Some of the feedback we have received so far:
  • "50 billion times better - minute that!" - Registered Manager
  • "I don't think it's faster, I think a lot of it will be user friendliness and being able to locate the thing you want" - HR Manager
  • It's simple and easy to understand, even my manager would be able to do it" - Deputy Manager
  • "For me as a very new user, it's quite straightforward.  I could use that without any problems" - HR admin. 

Next steps

We have some existing users on NMDS-SC that have volunteered to be migrated across to the new service.  This will take place during April and will consist of users that manually update their records and those that use bulk upload.

By the end of April we aim to migrate a further 5,000 establishments and these users have been informed.

Once the 5,000 have been successfully migrated, we aim for all remaining accounts to be migrated around the end of May, these establishments will be notified of exact dates nearer the time and there is no action that users need to take.