Estimated number of adult social care establishments
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The information shown in this dashboard is from Skills for Care's estimates using CQC and IDBR data.
This is explained further in the Size and Structure of the adult social care workforce report which can be found on the Workforce Intelligence website.
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Information in this dashboard does not include establishments which are not categorised under social care specific "Standard Industrial Classification" (SIC) codes in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Inter-Departmental Business Register data (IDBR).
  • Estimates are correct as at September 2017. 
  • An establishment includes all local units of employment as opposed to whole organisations. For example, if a large providing organisation has several individual care homes, each care home is one establishment. 
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Source: The size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, 2018
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Main ServiceEstimated number of establishments
Total estimated number of establishments41,000
Care home services without nursing11,700
Care home services with nursing4,400
All other services15,800
Domiciliary care services9,100
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Skills for Care estimated that 41,000 establishments were involved in providing or organising adult social care in England as at 2017. 
In England, 49% of adult social care establishments were providing residential services and 51% were providing non-residential services. Around two thirds of establishments (62%) were regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 
These estimates do not include individuals employing their own care and support staff.
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Further analysis of the size and structure of the adult social care sector can be found in our annual report.

For information about the workforce itself, including demographic information, recruitment and retention issues, pay rates and qualification and training information, please see the State of the adult social care sector and workforce report.
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