Ethnic group information about the population, Census 2011
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This report forms part of a suite of reports focusing on local demand and intelligence. The report provides an ethnicity breakdown of the population in your selected area as reported in the Census 2011 by the Office for National Statistics.

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Source: 2011 Census, Office for National Statistics (Table KS201EW)
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Mixed / Multiple Ethnic Group1,192,879
Black / African / Caribbean / Black British1,846,614
Asian / Asian British4,143,403
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According to the Census 2011 there were just over 53 million usual residents in England, the majority of which (85%) were White, 8% Asian/ Asian British, 3% Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British, 2% Mixed / Multiple Ethnic Group and 1% other. To explore ethnic group information by region or local authority area you can filter the data using the drop down box to the left.
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Please see the Workforce Intelligence website for the latest resources and publications.
For more information about population data from the Census 2011 please see the Office of National Statistics website.
The 'attract more people' section of Finding and keeping workers has lots of guidance and good practice to help you recruit a more diverse workforce.  
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