Workforce turnover rates
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Turnover rate in the past 12 months

•  Information is based on directly employed workers only (permanent + temporary). 
•  This dashboards shows the number of workers recorded in the NMDS-SC only. 

The NMDS-SC does not have 100% coverage of the sector, therefore the dashboards are not showing the whole adult social care workforce. For adult social care workforce totals please see ‘workforce estimates’ to the bottom right of this screen.

You can read about NMDS-SC data coverage and quality here.
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•  Turnover rates are calculated by dividing the number of leavers in the past 12 months by directly employed workers (permanent + temporary workers). 
•  Data checks and filters have been used to ensure quality is as reliable as possible. You can read about NMDS-SC data coverage and quality here
•  Information is supressed (or hidden) if there are fewer than 10 workers in the group. 

For help and guidance please see dashboard FAQ’s, the e-guide , the tutorial video or call NMDS-SC support on 0845 873 0129.
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Skills for Care, Open Access NMDS-SC Dashboards. Data as at Mar 16 2018
* Data suppressed if total is fewer than 10
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Number of staffTurnover rate
535,99529.1 %
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Turnover is one of the biggest costs to care organisations because the cost of recruiting, inducting and training new staff is considerable. Turnover is also a major influencing factor when it comes to the experience of service users. NMDS-SC data demonstrates that the turnover rate for the information you have selected (shown in blue) is 29.1 %.

Exploration of the dashboards will show that turnover rates are far from uniform and vary by job role, service and sector.

What resources can help me?
To get a comprehensive overview of the sector and workforce you can view our size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce in England. We also produce key sector reports, briefings and infographics on key workforce topics.

We’ve identified the following relevant resources:
  • The ‘keep your people’ section of Finding and keeping workers has lots of practical resources and good practice to help you reduce your turnover rate. Our values based recruitment and retention toolkit will help you recruit people with the right values and behaviours. This can help you find people who are the right fit for your organisation and who are more likely to stay.
  • I Care…Ambassadors are care workers who do careers events such as talks and activities to promote social care careers. Joining can help you develop your workers and increase their motivation, making them more likely to stay.
What other reports can help me?
Adult social care workforce estimates
Dashboards show information held in the NMDS-SC only (around half of the sector). You can read about NMDS-SC data coverage and quality here. The dashboards can be used to provide an overview of the adult social care workforce at both a national and local level. Where possible, however, we recommend that you use Skills for Care’s workforce estimates which cover the whole sector.

Please click here for workforce estimates, including turnover rates, for the adult social care workforce in England, by region, sector, service and job roles.

Skills for Care estimates that, at as 2016/17, the turnover rate of directly employed staff working in the adult social care sector in England was 27.8%.